At Dolphin Trading, we specialized in marine product trading.

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Business Overview

Business Overview

Capelin business

Our capelin business accounts for nearly half of all sales. We import capelin from Iceland, Norway, and Canada for the domestic market. We also import female capelin products processed in China, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Herring roe is primarily sold for seasoning or appetizer processing, and accounts for about 30% of our total sales. We are steadily expanding the volumes we handle and increasing our market share.
During the fishing season, we stay on site to check the quality of roe and raw materials, and monitor selection.


Seasoning and appetizer processing

We import herring roe from Eastern Canada and the English Channel and sell it to domestic manufacturers for processing or seasoning. It is also mixed with other ingredients and used in appetizer processing.

Snow crab

New Brunswick and Quebec, in Eastern Canada, are some of the world's richest crab-fishing grounds. Snow crab fisheries are subject to strict resource management guidelines. Season, catch, maturity, and shell size are all considered before a crab is harvested. Females and immature crabs are returned to the sea in order to maintain a sustainable fishery.



Atlantic lobster is caught in the coastal waters off Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Quebec. Lobsters are boiled whole, tailed, and frozen before being imported to Japan.

Herring with roe

Every day during the fishing season, our inspectors board fishing boats in the English Channel and check the quality of herring before it is purchased and frozen.


Herring fillet

Herring fishing starts off the eastern coast of Iceland in October, and then off the west coast of Norway in November. As with other varieties of fish, our purchasing team stays with the fishing boats to check the quality of raw materials, processing, size, etc. every day.

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